4 Ways to Prevent a Weight Loss Plateau

New weight control strategy urges ‘maintain, don’t gain’ approach

We’ve all been there: the dreaded weight loss plateau. While plateaus are normal–according to a report in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, weight loss typically halts after six months–they’re also completely bustable. Power through that plateau and get back on track today with these simple tips. PLUS: Check out these 25 Best Weight-Loss Tips Of All Time for painless ideas that really work. Change it up If your weight loss is in a rut, chances are so are you.
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Focusing on weight loss may not be effective

We didnt ask them to go against their inclinations and lose a lot, they just want to tighten up, feel better, feel better in their jeans and have energy, Bennett said. And by preventing weight gain you can improve those things. Overall, Bennett believes these findings are also applicable to much larger segments of the population. While patients who are very obese (a body mass index (BMI) over 40) should still prioritize weight loss, people who are overweight or slightly obese could benefit from weight maintenance programs. For an obese patient, losing weight is the most important thing to do. But you have to want to do it in order to lose weight, and there are large segments of the obese population not interested or motivated for weight loss, Bennett said. For that group, the priority should be maintaining, not gaining weight.
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Black women have higher weight misperception and more satisfaction with heavier weight than other groups. Even thought the women in the study were all classified as overweight or Class I obese, they were happy with maintaining their size than might be seen in a comparable group of Caucasian women. These perceptions, according to both, are the reason why the typical weight loss tactics may be less effective among black women. Instead of talking about health or weight loss, for example, Bennett says that his team used messages such as getting Michelle Obama arms. A 2012 survey by the Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation found that despite having an overall higher self-esteem than white women, 65 percent of overweight or obese black women still felt that their weight had a negative effect on their health. I dont particularly think it is harmful to tell overweight women not to lose weight, but I do think that it might be interpreted as a deceptive practice as it could lead to worse health outcomes, says Stanford. I believe that health care providers should inform patients of their weight status (whether normal, overweight, or obese) and provide guidance of how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Bennett says that for those who are overweight and do not yet have health problems, weight maintenance is a promising tactic.Bl At the same body mass index of 31 to 32, the black woman is less likely to have early mortality, hypertension, cardiovascular mortality or high cholesterol than the white women, Bennett says.
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177 pounds lighter, yo-yo dieter reaches goal weight

The first week, Horton lost four pounds. “I almost jumped off the scale!” she says. “I couldn’t believe it.” It was just the push she needed to continue. By March 6, she was down 25 pounds. Lifestyle changes and support Horton follows the guidelines of the Weight Watchers plan by counting points and taking accountability for everything she puts in her body. She has oatmeal almost every morning for breakfast.
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