Health Enhancement Products Subsidiary Wellmetris Llc To Launch Multi-city Pilot Study Jointly Managed With Powerhouse Gyms International

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer™

In the time between acquisition and the forthcoming pilot program, the WellMetris team conducted an engineering review of the hardware, a legal review of intellectual property and compliance issues, updates to the application software and an assessment of testing chemistry. The pilot program will utilize uprated analyzers unveiled at the August shareholder meeting, newly manufactured test strips and updated market-intent software. The Wellness Profile is a rapid, non-invasive urine test that gauges levels of oxidative stress, inflammation and antioxidant capacity to arrive at a unique assessment of an individual’s health and metabolic status. The test measures ‘wellness’ as opposed to diagnosing illness or impairment, and is designed to help shape and monitor the positive metabolic effects of a healthier lifestyle. WellMetris intends to market the test across a range of channels and applications, initially as a pre-clinical screening tool used by wellness consultants to determine health status for asymptomatic populations.
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Protect Yourself From Fake Supplements

Try to buy things from reputable companies, because there are companies that [offer] products test out well. You should also work with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner who should be able to verify what’s in that label by asking the companies for their [product certification] data sheets to make sure the labels reflect what’s in the supplements.” The U.S. herbal supplements business is a $5 billion-per-year industry. In an effort to determine what’s in some products, Canadian researchers used DNA barcoding a type of genetic fingerprinting to test 44 bottles of supplements sold by 12 companies in the U.S.
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