Dry Eyes And Technology: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Vision

Prone to sudden flashes in the eye? Beware!

“When we blink, we push out a little bit of oil,” Starr said. “It’s critical for healthy tear film. … When you blink, you put out a little oil with each blink.
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“People with myopia or high myopia need to be extra careful, including those who have a history of detachment in their families. Sudden flashes of light, black spots and blurry vision should not be ignored, especially by such patients,” he said. Sanjay Dhawan, director of ophthalmology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon, says that people with myopia should get regular eye check-up done. “Prevention is always better than cure. If not diagnosed and treated at the right time, it can lead to blindness. Getting early medical aid and surgery is the best way. In such surgeries, holes are created to reattach the retina, which is then sealed with laser,” Dhawan said.
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Could Google Glass Hurt Your Eyes? A Harvard Vision Scientist And Project Glass Advisor Responds

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google appear at th...

Peli has been conducting research on the use and impact of head-mounted displays for two decades, and he has been consulting with the Glass team for nearly two years. They approached me before they really got started because they knew that safety and comfort were going to be important parts of their project, Peli said in an email. All told, the results we see so far are encouraging. The head-mounted displays I have worked with prior to this one have been just thatdisplays where you could play videos or computer games. Glass is designed for interaction and communication, which is what people want. Peli said that Glass has a more advanced design for safety and comfort than any of the previous head-mounted displays Ive evaluated. He noted that the glasses have a very minimal impact on the wearers field of vision, so that there was little chance of Glass putting a wearer at physical risk of bumping into objects. Theories about potentially serious consequences likeconfusion or disorientation were raised in the media and had echoes in the literature in the 1990s, butthey were associated with virtual reality type displays that completely enclosed the viewer, Peli wrote. Most importantly, the devices that academicswore years ago were very different in fundamental ways from systems like Glass, despite what a casualobserver might perceive as superficial similarities.
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Study: Weight Loss Surgery Keeps Diabetes At Bay Long Term, Reverses Complications

Protein Known To Predict Diabetes Risk May Be Linked With Lifestyle Factors

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic looked at a group of people with diabetes who underwent weight loss, or bariatric, surgery to treat their obesity. After tracking patients for up to nine years after getting the procedure, the researchers found obesity-related health conditions like diabetes vanished for several of them. Specifically, 80 percent of patients who had the surgeries met target blood sugar levels of 7 percent HbA1c, a level recommended by the American Diabetes Association . Nearly 30 percent of those who underwent a gastric bypass procedure experienced complete remission of diabetes that allowed them to stay off medication for at least five years, effectively curing them.
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Another Diabetes Device Bites The Dust

As Diabetic Investor noted on more than one occasion with the proper marketing effort Bayer could have educated patients as to the correlation between regular glucose monitoring and A1C. Yet once again the company never had a clear strategy for what do with the A1CNow and without a strategy wound up running in circles going nowhere in a hurry. This problem of not have a clear strategy in diabetes is spreading as fast as the disease itself is growing. As we recently reported Abbott recently eliminated over 100 positions in their troubled BGM unit as like so many others in the space they are clueless of what to do other than cut costs. The way things are going it wont be long before the only choices patients will have in BGM will be one major branded offering, more than likely LifeScan, and a bunch of no-name or store branded offerings.
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They found associations between certain lifestyle elements and having higher concentrations of SHGB, such as age (being age 60 or older), use of exogenous estrogen (hormone replacement therapy), exercise, and coffee intake (two or more cups each day). They also found a link between high BMI and lower concentrations of SHGB, as well as low BMI (under 30) and higher concentrations of SHGB. Liu said that the findings could mean that SHGB, which can be easily detected when a patient has blood work done, might be a good thing to test for when a doctor is trying to determine a patient’s Type 2 diabetes risk. Also on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow Eat Cheese Despite cheese’s less-than-healthy reputation, a recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that cheese-eaters actually have a 12 percent lower risk of the disease than their non cheese-eating counterparts. Plus, people who ate more cheese, fermented milk and yogurt in the study were also more likely to have a decreased diabetes risk than people who ate less of these foods, noted the researchers, who came from Oxford University and Imperial College London. The people who ate the most cheese in the study consumed more than 56 grams of it per day, while those who ate the least cheese in the study had fewer than 11 grams a day, the UK’s NHS Choices reported.
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Life Fitness Center

PSG sweating over Thiago Silva fitness

Payment is due in full at time of activation. Refund policy is the published policy listed in the Fitness Center brochure. Please call to set up a time to meet with a full-time staff member to discuss our corporate program. Payment Options The Life Fitness Center offers an automatic deduction through your checking account as a payment option.
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Life Fitness Center

“They were like charcoal,” she writes in her biography on her website, Fitness Unarmed “They were completely dead and had to be amputated at the shoulders.” No one expected Thomas to live. But today, at 37, she has accomplished what was once regarded as the impossible: Thomas is a competitive body builder and model. “I thank God I am alive,” said Thomas, who now lives in Phoenix with her two sons, aged 13 and 17. She uses her shoulders as arms, which her children call her “nubs.” TV Host With One Arm Is Teachable Moment in Britain Thomas said her positive attitude is rooted in her upbringing. “I was not allowed to be negative and say I can’t do something,” she told ABCNews.com, holding the phone between her ear and her right-hand shoulder, which is more substantial than her left side.
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Armless Body Builder Inspires Fitness World With Her Ability

The Brazil international featured from the start in the Ligue 1 clash but was forced to leave the pitch after just 15 minutes of play after struggling with the problem, with reports in France suggesting the player could be out of action for a month and a half. “He will have to undergo examinations on Monday or the day after,” PSG coach Laurent Blanc told reporters when asked about Thiago Silva’s fitness on Sunday. “It’s obviously a muscular problem so I think we have lost him for a little while.” The 29-year-old could miss the Ligue 1 games against Valenciennes, Toulouse and Olympique de Marseille, while he is also likely to have to watch the Champions League game against Benfica from the stands. Radamel Falcao equalised Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s early goal to keep Monaco two points clear of PSG at the top of the table on Sunday.
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Digestive Health: 10 Tips For Getting Your Digestive System Back On Track

What Does Your Digestive System Do?

Keeping a running tab on the fiber you consume can help give you more energy. 3 Hydrate Water is one of those essential elements for a healthy digestive system. Adequate hydration gives your digestive system the moisture it needs to properly function. Also, sometimes our bodies mistake hunger for thirst, so stay hydrated to prevent unnecessary overeating. Try keeping water with lemon slices around to help boost your intake.
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Feed a healthy digestive system

Teen binge drinking

Paleo eaters who avoid grains, processed foods, and dairy have over 75 percent Firmicutes. Those with celiac disease on gluten-free diets have less than 50 percent Firmicutes. Further study determined that age makes a bigger difference than diet, exercise or sex, with babies having the most diverse intestinal microbes. Regarding health, palio dieters have lower levels of Proteobacteria which are linked to inflammation, but more Firmicutes linked to high obesity rates. Proteobacteria also includes harmful species like E. coli and Salmonella. The conclusion is that it is going to take a more detailed analysis to understand the complexity.
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Jump rope

Along this mucosa are glands that produce digestive juices and fingerlike projections that absorb nutrients into your blood. Within the walls of the digestive system are smooth muscles that contract in a wave-like motion called peristalsis and propel food through the digestive system. The digestive system also relies on hormones to regulate the flow of digestive juices and nerves to control the actions of digestion . “A healthy digestive system is a symphony of coordination,” says Dr.
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Cancer Centers Teach Nutrition As Strong Weapon In The Fight

Karen Ford (from left)  Cancer Support Center director development; Chris Rosandich CSC nutritiwellness coordinator program manager offsite locations Kathy

Sept. 19 Where: CD & ME, 23320 Cost: $25 per person includes buffet dinner What: Silent auction, raffles, live music Information: Kathy Kahlhammer at (815) 341-1238 Updated: September 5, 2013 6:09PM The Cancer Support Center locations in Homewood and Mokena are encouraging their clients to use a powerful weapon available to everyone in the fight against cancer. I think cancer patients and their families are passionate about healing and putting the cancer diagnosis behind them, said Chris Rosandich, a program manager and nutrition and wellness coordinator for the center. One aspect of that is their diet …
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Virginia Tech nutritionist helps Hokies get proper fuel

2. The Nutrition Divas Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous This podcast is led by Monica Reinagel, MS, LD/N, CNS, and while she doesnt have nearly as much easygoing charm as Abel James, her show does carry its own high level of professionalism (and greatly appreciated sound quality). Also the author of six books, Reinagel has an educational background in nutrition and has been featured on various television shows such as Dr. Oz and Morning Edition. While she doesnt have a focus like James with his own leaning towards the Paleo lifestyle, Reinagel seems to cover nutrition through fact and research, even if her clinical approach has a bit more staleness in its presentation compared to James. Nonetheless, this show will give you straight-forward, real information while demystifying some of the most ridiculous misconceptions around nutrition perpetuated by food manufacturers and mainstream media. 3. The Rich Roll Podcast For those vegan listeners and learners, The Rich Roll Podcast is a quirkily professional source of knowledge and science around not only vegan nutrition but vegan nutrition as an athlete. With a variety of powerful interviews, Rich Roll has taken his own experience after writing his renowned memoir, Finding Ultra, and aims to educate anyone looking to further their health on a plant-based, vegan lifestyle that may also include intense exercise paths such as ultra-endurance training or even the more seemingly mellow forms of exercise and wellness such as meditation and yoga.
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Creative Edge Nutrition Announces the Formation of Cen Biotech Inc. for Its Medicinal Marijuana Business Sector

There was nobody that knew anything about nutrition. She found someone like-minded in Freel. Schafer earned a B.S. at Tech in human nutrition, foods and exercise in 2009, then served as Freels assistant. She took over as director three years ago, put in charge of nutrition for all of Virginia Techs 21 sports, helped by assistant Kelly Masteller. Her goal is to educate, not lecture. She wants to provide information to players who want to maximize their performance by eating healthier foods, making small adjustments to their diets to do so.
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Top 5 Free Nutrition Podcasts

A few of our goals are to educate the public with current, science-based information, and provide the highest quality natural products. http://www.ChiaNorthAmerica.com will strive to become the site and brand of choice for health-conscious consumers. Also all our products will be able to be found for sale and purchase on all the sites we own http://www.ChiaNorthAmerica.com , http://www.supplementstogo.com , http://www.worldclassnutrition.com , http://www.a-z-nutrition.com Safe Harbor Notice This press release may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, such as statements relating to financial results and plans for future development activities, and are thus prospective. Forward-looking statements include all statements that are not statements of historical fact regarding intent, belief or current expectations of the Company, its directors or its officers. Investors are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the Company’s ability to control. Actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Among the factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements are risks and uncertainties associated with the Company’s business and finances in general, including the ability to continue and manage its growth, competition, global economic conditions and other factors discussed in detail in the Company’s periodic filings with the Security and Exchange Commission.
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To Ward Off Diabetes, Eat Whole Fruit, Shun Fruit Juice

CHARLOTTE, VT - AUGUST 6:  Blueberries are picked by hand August 6, 2010 at the Charlotte Berry Farm in Charlotte, Vermont.

Blueberries are picked by hand August 6, 2010 at the Charlotte Berry Farm in Charlotte, Vermont. According to a new study by Harvard University researchers, eating whole fruits helps ward off diabetes, while drinking juice can actually raise the risk of developing the disease. In a study published in the British Medical Journal , nutrition experts report that consumption of certain fruitsespecially blueberriescut peoples risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 26 percent in a survey of more than 180,000 subjects over two and a half decades. Study participants were asked about their consumption of grapes or raisins, prunes, bananas, cantaloupe, apples or pears, oranges, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, and stone fruits (peaches, plums, or apricots). Blueberries had the strongest effect on cutting diabetes risk, followed by grapes and apples, especially when three or more servings a week were eaten. A standard serving of blueberries was half a cup.
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Metabolic menace: The not-so-sweet diabetes

While there are many medicines available, I will enlarge on insulin. Treatment means supplementing deficient insulin. In the yesteryears, insulin extracted from pancreas of cows and pigs was injected in patients. With advances, human insulin (made in labs from human cells) and synthetic analogues are now available.
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GSMA mHealth Grand Tour Highlights How mHealth Can Prevent Diabetes

GSMA mHealth Grand Tour Highlights How mHealth Can Prevent Diabetes

To raise awareness of diabetes and showcase the power of mobile health (mHealth) solutions, The GSMA mHealth Grand Tour, a 13-day cycling challenge from Brussels to Barcelona kicked off today at the Autoworld Museum in Parc Cinquantenaire, Brussels. The mHealth Grand Tour will highlight how mobile technology can support diabetes prevention, diagnosis and treatment by increasing the reach and accessibility of healthcare services, cutting the cost of care and minimizing the impact of the illness on peoples lives, said Michael OHara, chief marketing officer, GSMA. The mHealth Grand Tour is a first-of-its-kind observational study designed by Professor Michael Trenell, NIHR Senior Research Fellow and Director, MoveLab, Newcastle University, into the effects of multi-day endurance exercise on blood glucose levels, using data captured and transmitted wirelessly through a multi-vendor mHealth solution. The study will track the health and cycling performance data of elite and sub-elite athletes with type 1 diabetes, as well as cyclists without diabetes. For the observational study, a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor worn by the riders and sensors on their bike computers transmit statistics over the ANT+ protocol to Sony Mobile handsets, so riders can track their own progress. The sensors also transmit the stats to a HMM module that is part of a complete Orange solution that in turn sends them over mobile broadband to a live website and to the cloud, for later download by the observational study team.
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Our ‘gutsy’ Digestive System

Digestion Foods: The Best And Worst Foods For Your Digestive System

Fatty and greasy foods also lead to a lazy, relaxed lower oesophageal sphincter, which means that you will not only have to deal with a bloated stomach, but there is also a high possibility that the contents will make their way back up your throat. Avoid complications The consequences of a malfunctioning digestive system can be extensive and severe, as a weakened immune system means vulnerability to infections and diseases. This highlights the importance of taking proactive steps to ensure your digestive system receives the care it merits. In order to avoid these potential health problems, make sure you start caring for your digestive health.
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Digestive system

That’s why they’re part of the “BRAT Diet” for vomiting or diarrhea — that is, the bananas, rice, applesauce and dry toast diet. “Those are the four things that tend to be the easiest tolerated amongst people and they tend to be bland, so they won’t irritate the stomach like other foods,” King says. They are also good for replacing the body’s electrolytes, she adds. BEST: Water “Water is excellent for digestion, and that’s one thing I think people don’t drink enough of,” King says. Water helps the digestive process because it helps move things through the intestines.
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The food is then squeezed through a second sphincter into the first part of the small intestine, called the duodenum. The small intestine Once in the duodenum, the food is mixed with more digestive enzymes from the pancreas and bile from the liver. Food is then squeezed into the lower parts of the small intestine, called the jejunum and the ileum. Nutrients are absorbed from the ileum, which is lined with millions of finger-like projections called villi. Each villus is connected to a mesh of capillaries. This is how nutrients pass into the bloodstream.
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